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The healing properties of art

CoArt by dTank has developed a partnership between art and health, bringing emotional well-being in hospitals, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and any other kind of healthcare entity. With studies showing a direct link between the content of images and the brain's reaction to pain, stress, and anxiety, medical facilities are choosing to design their spaces with art that up-lifts, inspires, calms, allows for meditation and promotes healing.


Spaces that can benefit from Healing Art are:

  • Lobbies & Reception Areas
  • Hallways and Corridors
  • Cafeterias and Breakrooms
  • Exam and Patient Rooms
  • Elevator Lobbies and cabins
  • Children Play Areas
  • And many more...
Healing Art and Design

As design spreads into healthcare, architects and interior designers are looking to elevate the patient, family and staff experience by adopting methods that bridge the gap between hospitality and healthcare. We partner with our clients to provide beautiful artwork that incorporates color theory, subject and locale to support the findings of Evidence-Based Design. Our designs take the components of the current or projected interior design, apply the design requirements while implementing healing art techniques.

Benefits of Healing Art

  • Proven positive effect on patient's mental state
  • Increased positive staff and facility perception
  • Improves staff job satisfaction and retention
  • Enhanced visitor experience
  • Medical facility self-expression