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Multi-Panel-Floating Suspension
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  • Features
  • CoArt custom art
  • CoArt ready-made art
  • Client supplied art
  • Frame Color
  • Anodized aluminum
  • White powder coated aluminum
  • Black powder coated aluminum
  • Custom powder coated color
  • Specification
  • Acoustic Performance: 0.65 NRC
  • Fire Rating: Class A
  • Water Vapor Sorption: < 0.4% by weight - Non-hygroscopic
  • Weather Resistance: ATM C 1338 -08-Standard Test Method Passed
  • Material: 100% Polyester Fiber
  • Surface Finish: Smooth
  • Texture: Woven Fabric
  • Fabric: Seamless Dye Sublimated Triple White
  • Accessibility: Removable Fabric
  • Recycled Content: 0.80 NPC
  • Installation
  • Suspension system included, hung by professional installer
  • Advantages
  • Fixtures have clean, modern look
  • Ability to adjust to desired height
  • Strong suspension for heavy panels


The basic connection that will be applied to all suspension panels begins with bolting the gripper onto the groove on the panel’s frame, feeding the open-ended side of cable through the gripper and attaching the terminal end of the cable to the ceiling mount. For the multi-panel floating suspension, the top panel uses the basic connection system attaching to the ceiling mount, however, you will also add grippers to the bottom corners. The middle panel uses the same system as the first, however it attaches the cables to the bottom grippers of the top panel. The bottom panel uses the same system, however, the bottom cables attach to the floor mount.

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